On this page some of the experience in technology and information technology of Martin Kaptein is listed.

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Martin Kaptein


Martin Kaptein finished the general qualification for university entrance (=Abitur) in Germany (Gymnasium). Thus, he has an advanced school-leaving certificate with splendid marks.

IT experience

List of technologies/programming languages Martin is familiar with

  • JavaScript (examples)
  • Wordpress (PHP and MySQL backend)
  • Humhub (PHP), used to run a social network based on it
  • KaiOS Webapp building
  • Android custom roms
  • Python development
  • Machine learning (Python)
  • git, docker, Travis CI, Netlify
  • Linux (Bash, architecture)
  • Golang
  • Hugo (Static Site Generation Framework)
  • C (basic)
  • System Administration (sysadmin) Experience with VPS (Linux)
  • Experience with Gemini protocol and running a Gemini server
  • Google Firebase
  • XMPP protocol (server and client)



Here, on his website, Martin writes a blog, in which regularly dives into deeper topic, in very great detail. This blog is a good representation of all the (Information-)Technology skills Martin possesses.

Some examples are:

And much more! Seriously, check out the blog.

Bachelor research

During his studies at the ArtEZ conservatory (bachelor) in Zwolle, The Netherlands, Martin made an interesting connection between the worlds of music and of information technology, in his choice of his bachelor research topic: Can J.S. Bach be immitated using machine learning?

A link to this paper can be found here. The referenced codebase (Python) resides on Github and can be found here.

Github highlights

Some of the stuff I made / I worked on / Projects. Contains only links to Github.

Besides all the above, I am interested in:

  • Science
  • Physics
  • Math
  • Crypto

I am a musician and participate in various non-profit organizations. Also, I like to read.


You can contact me here.

Updated: 2021-05-02